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SW WA Jr. Riders

Juniors Pack It Out at Mt. Adams Memorial Weekend

True pioneer women are those who brave the unsightly forecast and pack

in the rain. In other words... “We put on our big boy boots,” and headed for the

hills. The first Friday was a downer as the dark clouds rolled in, and the tarps

went up. Slowly but surely, the weather cleared revealing a heavenly layer of blue

sky nobody thought would show. The mountain was nothing if not picturesque

and the trails were flawless and flowed evenly through the trees.

This trip was not only a first for two of our beloved members, Kara Fuqua

and Jesse Wheatley but also, a note for the record books. For example, an

astonishing five horses circling the “Big Tree” at

once and quite possibly the most amount of red

vines ever eaten on a camping trip. Fortunately for

the members of Jr. BCH our adventures won’t end

here. Come see what all the fuss is about and join

us for our next great camp out!

By: Annika Bales, Jr. BCH Historian/ Trail Boss

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