CONFIDENCE: Being personally assured
of one's ability and potential
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Karley Brunson Queen


 Queen, Assistant Instructor


Andrea Lermo - Assistant Instructor

Andrea likes anything to do with animals, dresses in her own unique style of cowgirl / casual goth, but don't let that fool you she's as sincere as they come. She doget a little grouchy when she doesn't get her daily dose of Honey Bunches of Oats (her favorite food). She plays the piano, attends CAM High and likes to sleep in. Her love to help student's succeed is truly our asset. She's

Gabrielle Lucey Assistant Instructor

"Gab" (as we call her) has a real fashion sense and was voted most helpful by her Son Rise Ranch family. As well as holding the treasurers' office for Jr. Backcountry Horsemen, she"s also the VP of the local Youth Council Red Cross & active in the adult chapter(s) as well. She attends Union High, likes Teriyaki food, dancing & has a good singing voice. She loves gentling horses and her gained confidence in working with them.  We are blessed with her teaching style & sincere interest in others making everyone she comes in contact with better for just knowing her! 

Megan Mazi - Vaulting Coach

Megan is our "gumby gal" she's so flexible. Currently attending Clark College leaning towards at art major. She's an outdoors type of person who likes to hike and camp. Her favorite foods vary depending on the day, but Taquitos are usually on that list. She loves how you can connect with a horse and have a bud for life. Her interest & hobby in vaulting is surely our benefit.

Christy Harkins -Maintenance Crew Supervisor


Christy attends Camas High & is a member of the marching band as well as concert band. She brings melody to the ranch with her personality & winning style. She enjoys creative writing & Italian Food, is the regional girls Champion in Single Action Shooting, holds the secretary / publicity office for Jr. Backcountry Horsemen. Her favorite thing about horses is bonding with them as she has done with our tallest most energetic mount-Cisco.

Kelsey Slesh- Maintenance Crew

Kelsey enjoys Chinese food, reading, drawing and dancing. She is home schooled and works at Mc Donald's. Her adventure is riding different horses which she does with great flare.

Monica Harrison- Maintenance Crew

Monica like Jets, "the faster the better"! She plays the piano, studies languages, likes exploring museums, being with her older brothers. She's home schooled & attends River Home Link. Best thing she likes about horses is helping others enjoy them making her one of our BEST helpers.

Emma Davis- Maintenance Crew

One of Emma's favorite things is her youth group at Church of the Good Shepard and helping young children. She plays the violin, trains dogs, likes math and her sweets. Currently she's in her last year at Pacific Middle School. She loves the challenge of Horseback riding and it's her favorite outdoor activitity.

Brittany Griesz- Maintenance Crew

Brittany loves the thrill of being on a horse, assisting others and Italian food. She enjoys theater, reading, writing (I think there might be a play write in here some where). She attends Camas high and belongs to TIM (Teens in Ministry) at Royal Ridges.

Josh Fuqua- handyman

Josh is a meat & potatoes type guy not really into his greens. Although he enjoys home life he has a heart for ministry and is considering become a foster parent. He enjoys sports, Rodeo and dirt bikes which he hopes to share with his twin sons.
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