ENTHUSIASM: Having high levels of interest, passion or personal motivation
Winter Woolies

Easter Egg Hunt

Mother's Day Ride
National Forest Service 
     Get Outdoor Day

Out of School
Barn Sleepover

Calendar of Events
8th - 10th - Notebook Covers & New Year's Goals
31st - "Amigo's" Birthday
1st - "Mariah's" Birthday
9th - 11th - Have a Heart Olympics!

6th - Horse Expo- Cancelled due to Covid
16th - 19th - St. Patty's Lucky Barrels & Pot of Gold Scavenger Hunt
20th Canby Tack Sale- Cancelled due to Covid
20th Black Pearl Friesian Dance Troup Special Event

4th - "Rose's" Birthday
6th- Safety Class/In hand Ranch Day
6th-8th Spring Break Horse Camp
8th - Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback
23rd- Take your daughter to work day, Ranch Day

4th-6th - Birthday Party for Horses
5th - "Cowboy's" Birthday
9th - Mom/Parent Day Ride & Party
13th - "Cisco's" Birthday
18th - "Huckleberry's" Birthday
23rd - "Cherokee's" Birthday
31st - "Holly's" Birthday

7th - "Niko's" Birthday
15th-17th Parent Appreciation Card and Emergency Info Memorization
18th-19th - Out of School Barn Sleepover 
29th - "Casanova" & "RC" Gotcha Date
29th-30th - No lessons

1st - No lessons
6th-8th - Certification Testing and Photo
12th-16th Obstacle Camp
19th-24th Parade Camp
24th- Parade
15th - "Cochise's" Birthday
26th-30th - Showdeo Camp
2nd-8th - Horse Show Camp
7th - Field Trip to Clark County Fair
20th-23rd - Annual Pow Wow Campout              
22nd - Annual Pow Wow Awards Potluck

19th - Putting on your Glam Photo Shoot
28th -30th -  No lessons
8th- Leaser's Beach Ride
26th - Jethro Gotcha Date
29th - Harvest Party

25th- Happy Thanksgiving, NO Lessons
26th - Day After Thanksgiving Showdeo & Leftovers Potluck       
10th - Christmas Party & Live Nativity Play
12th - Son Rise Staff Christmas Dinner & Secret Santa
21st - 24 - No lessons, Merry Christmas
31st - New Year's Eve Sleepover & White Reindeer Gift Exchange