Miss Pamila Cronkhite
 CHA Certified Instructor  
 AYHC Youth Leader  Jr. BCH Advisor

Miss Pam / Instructor Son Rise Riders / Owner Son Rise Ranch 

Pam founded Son Rise Ranch as a way to help troubled youths through horsemanship. Soon, her friends were clamoring for their children to take lessons, and she opened up her program to anyone who was interested. She works with probation officers and lawyers to encourage at-risk youth to participate in her program.

“I grew up in a cop family and followed in my father’s footsteps,” she said. “I was a sheriff in San Bernardino, but back then I felt like a domestic quarrel referee.” Cronkhite switched careers and became a state humane officer for California and loved it.

“During my career there, I also served as a Big Sister and saw the benefit that horses provided at-risk youth,” she said. “I wanted to get to those kids before they became the people that I used to take to jail.”

“Over the years I have seen miraculous cases of troubled youth, who are literally saved from traveling down the wrong path in life through horse involvement,” Cronkhite said. “The sense of pride that kids feel when they reach a goal with their large four-legged friends gives them every reason to remain on course.”

Originally published June 7, 2016