BELIEF:Trusting in oneself, in others and in a spiritual power to provide support and guidance when needed.
Mission Statement
Romans 12:2

" not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..." and fill your heart  building skills for a productive adulthood  by horsen' around .

Yes, you've guessed it- our program(s) reflect Christian principles , they are based on the teachings in Romans Chapter 12. Learning how to not allow the influences of the world to negatively form our attitudes, putting on the power of positive thinking, shaping our heart not only to esteem ourselves, but contribute to others, realizing our differences becomes others' strength, learning diligence, living in grace with cheerfulness and affection to over come evil with good.
Equine activities naturally help youth develop these valuable life skills. Horses offer companionship, acceptance, truthfulness, an alternative to many of the world's negative influences. Horses are wonderful teachers, teaching children responsibility for their actions, respecting the rights of their living counterparts, over coming negative pressure, learning problem solving and decision making, discipline to achieve goals, develop self-esteem and good character, learning leadership skills towards becoming productive adults and contributors to society.
In this day of lacking physical social interaction (i.e. texting, blogging...........)
and extensive time behind electronic devises -equine activities encourage youth to use & develope skills they other wise would not, including physical outdoor exercise, body-brain coordination, physical interaction...

We are all about NEW beginnings- hence the play on words Sun as "Son" of God, believing in Christ becoming born again or beginning a new like the sun rise of a new day and our freedom of choice to change
our life.

Our program places at risk youth with achieving children allowing the mentoring process to turn them into mentors and acheivers. Programs are geared toward moral guideposts for achievements, celebrating accomplishments and creating meaningful experiences.

"Over the years I have seen miraculous cases of troubled youth, who are literally saved from traveling down the wrong path in life through horse involvement. The sense of pride that kids feel when they reach a goal with their large four-legged friends, gives them every reason to remain on course." Dr Ann Swinker