"...be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..." Romans 12:2 filling your heart, building character & learning life skills by horsen' around

".....made me what I am today 
& given me common sense!"
         Shay Qwlesy   age  14

"You have opened a door
    for me, I'm so happy."
     Andrea Lermo    age 12

"...helped me gain self power
to get through hard things"
     Taylor Murphy   age  11

"Miss Pam, Your the greatest 
teacher I've ever had, you make 
me believe I can do anything!"

      Sophie Greenwood age 9

Horse Back Riding Lessons & Programs
Son Rise is located on 16 acres in East Clark County, WA.We are dedicated to youth development!

We provide the horses you provide the heart!

Horse back riding lessons, year round horse programs, including weekly riding lessons, summer camps, horse leasing programs, work/staff programs for students. Promoting team work, community, family,empowering attitudes, and building character!

24003 NE 44th St Vancouver, WA 98682